Why Crystal Candles Are Becoming So Popular

5 Reasons Why Crystal Candles Are Becoming So Popular

Infused with powerful crystals and soothing scents, crystal candles help you heal and promote healthy vibes in your space. They are also known as intention candles because each candle comes with a crystal that has a specific purpose. 

These candles of healing are typically made with soy wax and coconut wax, offering a refreshing smell that calms your mind and body. The visual uniqueness of the crystals infused in the candle allows you to open your blocked chakras and let the emotions flow. 

Let’s dive deep into it!

The Benefits of Scented Candles and Healing Crystals 

Relieve Stress and Boost Your Mood 

People have made crystal candles a part of their mindful routine because of the unique blend of calmness and natural healing these candles offer. Lit a candle, watch it melt, infuse its fragrance, and let go of the stress. 

The crystals infused in the candle may emit positive energy that helps you become more energetic and calmer. Each crystal is believed to have a different effect on our mind and body such as regulating energy, protecting from stress, encouraging love, and more.  

Even if you don’t believe in crystals’ healing properties, the herbal and floral aromas of the candle are going to induce calm and relieve stress. Many people use these candles in winters to mimic the warmth of the sun, thus helping heal the negative effects that may come with the cold season. 

Improve the Calmness of Atmosphere 

Lighting a crystal candle creates such a peaceful ambiance that is hard to resist. Their appearance is not only pleasing but the fragrance of the candle soothes your mind and body as well. The candles offer a romantic atmosphere with inviting feelings of warmth and relaxation (that’s why spas also use them). 

Enjoy Peaceful Sleep 

In the modern era when your sleep is suffering from the dynamics of technology, economy, and relationships, lighting a candle at night can be beneficial. This not only helps you limit blue lights, but the candle scents will also help maintain natural sleep rhythms. 

Recall Good Memories 

Our mind naturally recalls a beautiful memory when we experience something beautiful. The same is true for candle scents- the romantic fragrance of lemon, lavender, chamomile, and other herbs and flowers will remind you of good memories. 

A Beautiful Décor 

The versatile look of the candle and beautiful crystals makes for adorable home décor. Light the candle in the evening and you’ll love the warm and welcoming feel it will give to your room. 

Get Homemade Healing Crystal Candles from Her Love 

Her Love’s crystal candles made up of soy wax, glitter, herbs, and flowers are sure to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. The crystals they use carry unique properties such as love, protection, and balanced energy flow. The candles are handmade to perfection and you’ll find a beautiful gem inside each candle. A QR code to the blog post also comes packed with the package that describes how to properly handle your candle, crystals, flowers, and herbs. 

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