5 Tips for Influence Marketing on Instagram

5 Tips for Influence Marketing on Instagram

This is the post to read in order for you to make money as an influence marketer on Instagram promoting your favorite products by your favorite boutique. When you take on the job of promoting your favorite products from a boutique there are a few things you need to keep in mind. As a influence marketer or affiliate marketer your job is to promote your favorite products to your audience. 

Influence marketing on Instagram can help a boutique gain exposure quickly. Your opinion is what matters to your audience and therefore that is why a boutique asked you to be an influencer. Your posts will help the business gain social proof and build trust with potential customers. Ultimately resulting in you and the boutique making money.  

influence marketing on instagram

Here are 5 tips that will make you money as an influence marketer on Instagram:

1. Know the product and/or direct potential customers to the boutique owner.

It is extremely important as an influence marketer to either know the product or to direct questions to the boutique owner. If you don't know the answers to a potential customer's question, ask the boutique owner. It is important that you always communicate information that is accurate to the customer. This is part of providing good customer service and building trust. 

Your audience cares what you think and what products you like to use. 

Here's a great example of an influencer on Instagram providing good customer service:

Influencer customer service

2. Use a third-party website like http://linktr.ee to host your affiliate URL and place this URL in your bio

Linktr.ee is an easy way to hold multiple links in one location. If you are also running a business, know that your business URL will not suffer. Now you are able to provide your followers on Instagram with your URL to your business and your affiliate URL as well. 

Here is an example, of my Linktr.ee when you click the link in my bio on Instagram @herlovecollections 

Link Tree for Instagram

3. Ways to promote your products on Instagram 

  • Record videos of you using and reviewing the products. Videos get more views than photos. When someone see's your face on camera it instantly builds trust. So don't be shy!
  • Share videos and images on your story and feed
  • Use Reel and Boomerang feature to maximize views
  • Use a free design program like Canva.com to create pretty graphics with the high quality photos you took of the product for your Instagram feed.

Do you need more examples? View "Team" on my Instagram profile to view what other influencers are posting on @herlovecollections 

Instagram influencer of @herlovecollections

4. Ask your followers to take action.

In your content description you must always ask the followers to take action. Ask them to go click the link in your bio and use your discount code. This gives them direction and I would also recommend asking them to ask questions in the comment section. 

- tag the boutique in every post 

- provide discount code 

- provide URL or directions to URL

Here's a great example of this: 

Instagram description influencer

5. Be the bridge 🌉

You don't have to sell the product. It is the owner of the boutique's job to be the seller. It is only your job to promote your favorite products. So, no pressure! 

Do you have any questions? Maybe I didn't cover something your curious about. Please post below and I'll be happy to answer. 😇

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