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7 Ideas to Stand Out at Your Next Vendor Event

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At this stage, you have already booked a local vendor event. (If you still need help with finding a local vendor event, read my article “How To Find A Local Vendor Event and Make Money Without A Store Front”).

A vendor event is absolutely worth it for several reasons. I used to sign up for local vendor events at malls, flea markets, festivals. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to sit at a table and shoppers would come to buy from me. No funnels. No video edits. No content planning. No design. No ads. I booked a table and walked away with sales. 

However, you’ll have to have to make your vendor booth or table appealing enough to grab shoppers’ attention as they walk by. Below is a list of seven brilliant ideas and items you can use to enhance your vendor table display and make shoppers come to you. 

7 Ideas to Stand Out at Your Next Vendor Event

Keep Your Booth Clutter-Free 

Organizing your table is important to make it look clean and simple. Too many props within your table or display will make it look cluttered and hard for your prospects to even see what you are offering. 

You can decorative wooden crates to neatly store items. These boxes will also add a visual charm to your display. It’s also a nice idea to display your products vertically so that people passing by your booth could see them. You can choose shelves for vertical stacking.

Choose Colors That Add a Pop to Your Display

Colors not only draw attention but also evoke emotions, so make sure to choose colors for your display wisely. Choose a background color that helps your products pop up. 

White makes a nice choice as it’s clean and lets your products do the talking or you may go for yellow if your products are fun. You can also consider shimmer, shiny table cloths to capture people’s attention. 

Use Signage That Draw Attention 

Use brand colors in the signage and make sure it displays your unique offerings and logo. If you are offering QR payment or a transport facility, mention that in your signage. 

You can use transparent signage holders to display your offering with a pop of color. Clear display sign holders draw attention to the content and look great on different backgrounds. 

Have Business Cards, Catalogs, and Freebies 

You can potentially turn your visitors into future customers or your shoppers to returning buyers. So make sure to give them your business card and product catalogs as they leave your booth.  If someone buys from you, stick your cards in their shopping bag. 

In addition to this, it’s an amazing idea to hand your potential buyers free stickers or freebies of some other sort. People love freebies and this can also make them stop by to have a look at your products.

Easy Payment Processing 

Make sure that your booth offers easy payment processing. Other than cash payments, it’s a brilliant idea to have QR-based payment methods as many shoppers prefer to pay with a credit card. You can use the free POS systems of Shopify and Square. Having a cash app or Venmo also makes convenient options. 

Signage: QR code, Payment acceptance, Pricing

Shopify Card Reader 
Square Card Reader 

Easy Transportation  

You need to make sure that transportation from your booth is convenient. Your shopper would love it and will remember you if you offer them transport friendly, portable wagons to carry their products. 

Provide Some Fun 

While trade shows might not be that interesting, you can offer some fun at your booth to cheer up people (and most probably turn them into your customers). 

It’s a great idea to run competitions or you can also host some interesting game shows which are sure to draw attention. For added swag, you can give out prizes to the winners such as a coffee mug, phone covers, fun stickers, and more. 


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If you found these ideas useful or have something to add to the list? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments below!

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