How to Use Crystal Healing Stones?

How to Use Crystal Healing Stones?

Crystal healing an ancient art of therapy usually referred to as the laying of stones on chakras. Those that practice believes that the chakra stones and organite crystals can cure disease and ailments hence it can be used as an alternative way of medication. It is used to balance chakras transforming the energy properties of the body, creating a clear energy field. Crystal healing is a natural way of healing used to relieve stress and create relaxation.

How to use healing stones

Multiple healing stones or organite crystals can be placed upon the 7 chakras in your body. It is good if you place stones of corresponding chakra color where you need attention first. You can also try and use the healing stones as your intent, such as quartz to promote balance or amethyst to dispel negativity.


How to use chakra stones

Using chakra stones can help you balance the energy in your body that is essential to your overall mental, emotional and physical well-being. Chakra stones healing meaning and properties are unique to each other. To promote balance and dispel blockages, you must match vibrational frequency to the chakra you want to heal.

Where to place the crystal/chakra stones on your body

To help energy flow, it’s best to start positioning the stones starting with the root chakra moving upwards. If you need to usher your energy upwards, all stones are placed pointing “up”. The each stone in this energy center:

  • Crown chakra- top of your head
  • Third eye chakra- forehead
  • Throat chakra- throat
  • Heart chakra – heart
  • Solar plexus chakra – navel
  • Sacral chakra – pelvic area
  • Root chakra – groin or feet area

You may also place cleansed and charged healing stones near you or under your pillow as you rest to help in healing and promoting your energy as your rest. Not only place these stones around your home can help in healing your energy, but they can also be used as decorations and promote positive energy in your environment.


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