3 Unique Christmas Gifts You Must Have In 2021

3 Unique Christmas Gifts You Must Have

When it comes time to track down the ideal present for that special lady in your life — your better half, sweetheart, mother, sister, dearest companion or teenager little girl — it tends to be hard to track down something that is however extraordinary as she may be.

That is the place where these champion presents for ladies come in. Since there is certainly not a one-size-fits-all gift, we've gathered together huge loads of choices to take into account her requirements and interests: up'ing her self care game, make her feel adored or let her know she is not alone and who pay attention to all those deep conversations you both have had lately.

If she is into astrology and crystals then these unique gifts will scream, "You-Just-Get-Me". That can be delivered with these 3 unique Christmas gifts you must have in 2021. 

Also, don't you first to combine the present with a customized card!

Crystal Candles 

A lifestyle brand dedicated to producing quality products for mind, body and soul, Crystal Candles is a leading manufacturer and distributor of soy wax crystal candles and signature fragrances. My crystal candles are handcrafted and hand poured.

The crystals we use are each chosen for its unique properties, such as protection, manifestation of desires, enhance or balance energy flow, and enhance communication or psychic ability. Crystal candles are not only artistic, but they come in pretty tins that you can reuse. 


Self Love In A Box

Self Love is the Best Love. 

Picture it... smudge your bathroom, you draw a bath, insert your bath bomb or bath salt, light your candles and read your self love book or write in your journal. There is plenty in here for 2 to 3 baths. 

This is the perfect gift for a self care day or two... or three!!

 Self Love Kit for Christmas


Sage Bundles

White Sage is famous for its cleansing, purifying, and protective features. It is known to be used by Native Americans for rituals and ceremonies simply because of it's scent being so pure, clean, and crisp. White Sage also clears away any negative thing or energy- thing that you don't like or want around. It will remove that bad smell or energy/vibe that you don't like!       


This bundle includes 3 sticks of pure handpicked, hand processed White Sage. The White Sage plant has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years as Sacred Sage which easily absorbs negative energy and heals the body. Now you can enjoy the properties of White Sage with our White Sage Smudge Stick. Perfect for cleaning any space, including your home, office, or car, this smudge stick is famous for its cleansing, purifying, and protective abilities.



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