What stone is for Root chakra?

What stone is for Root chakra?

Root chakra- the foundation. Located at the base of the spine at about tailbone-level, it acts as the individual's center of emotional and spiritual balance, as well as instinctual consciousness. At its most basic level, the root chakra is concerned with needs.

root chakra stones

Colors: red, black, brown, silver gray

Stones: Agate, black tourmaline, garnet, hematite, Jasper, ruby, and obsidian

Foundation: food, water, shelter

  • Prosperity
  • Vital energy
  • Focus
  • Protection
  • Inflammation
  • Fear and Anger

How to balance?

To restore balance in the root Chakra, use positive thoughts combined with crystals and gemstones to reconnect with health, wealth, vitality, and well-being within you.

For anger and agitation - blue stones 💙  lapis lazuli,  agate, turquoise.

For depression - red and yellow stones ❤ 💛 ruby, citrine, yellow aventurine

For inflammation- lapis lazuli and sodalite.

Prosperity and abundance- tiger eye and aventurine

Protection and lack of focus- black tourmaline and hematite


I am safe. 

I am protected. 

I find the good within. 

I am able to see the good in the most challenging situations. 

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel when things seem unbearable. 

I am aware of my inner thoughts and feelings. 

I know people, places, and situations are somehow a reflection of me, and I learn from the mirror. 

I create my own reality. 

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