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A retail space highlighting arising creative and handmade small businesses from the neighborhood.  Her Love Collections holds a variety of one of a kind unique products you won't find in another store. Sell and advance your items in a retail space.

her love collections store

Benefits of placing your products in Her Love Collections: Handmade. Handcrafted. Holistic. 

  • Plan your own space in a unique retail store that celebrates small businesses.
  • Pop Up opportunities
  • Small class space opportunities to teach.
  • Social media promotion and local advertisement included. 

How much does it cost?

Vendors are charged a monthly rent depending on their footprint. We have shelf spaces, tables and booth space ranging from $88-$333 /month based on availability. These costs cover the overhead for the store such as rent, utilities, advertisements and the cost of running the shop during open hours.

Full Booth Floor Space:

- 5' x 7' or 4' x 9' space
- Spaces are along walls or in the middle of the floors. Vendors bring any display fixtures needed.

Shelf Space:

- Three shelves, 48" x 11" each
- Shelves & under shelf lighting are provided. 
- Vendors bring any display fixtures needed.

Small Shelf Space:

- Three shelves, 25" x 11" each
- Shelves & under shelf lighting are provided.
- Vendors bring any display fixtures needed.

Center Table Space:

- One approximately _______" center table in the middle of the floor
- Table is provided.
- Vendors bring any display fixtures needed



As a creative small business owner we all must work together and support each other. Vendor engagement has a direct and proven impact on getting the most out of being a vendor here.

Vendors should reside in the Upstate New York area. 

Categories: Clothing, Jewelry, Bath Products, Skin care, Candles, Artwork, Cosmetics, Handmade items.  Other categories please reach out to me personally before applying:
Community: Availability to be involved vendor events and classes.

Support: Highly engaged in social media on Instagram. Weekly a vendor must post about Her Love Collections and/or their items via in-store. 

When will vendors receive payment for sales?

Payments are issued weekly through check. 


Is there a deposit for new vendors?

Yes. Vendors pay a deposit equal to their rent that will be applied as last month’s rent if the leave the space.


Can customer return or exchange items?

No. Since sales are closed out and payments are issued weekly, there’s no way to refund a sale. Customers are informed of this via signage. Vendors can resolve customer issues independent of Her Love Collections but are not required to. If a vendor has a pattern of custom dissatisfaction, they may not be renewed for their lease.


How many vendors of each niche/category will the store have?

We try to limit vendors working in the same niche/category to two. Those two will have distinguishing styles. While we think competition is important, we want to make sure our store is not too saturated in one niche/category so our vendors don’t feel undercut by each other. Some exceptions are given to vendors who have multiple niche/categories but we will not have more than two vendors who primarily work in the same niche/category.


Can I participate in the weekend pop up?

Yes. You may book a Saturday and Sunday pop up table with a 50% discount. 


Can I hold a small class in the space?

Yes. you may book a Saturday event with 50% discount. Max 10 people.


Apply to become a vendor

Current Spaces Available

Floor space: 0
Regular shelves: 0
Small shelves: 0
Center table: 0


Applications are evaluated based on space available, current product in store and suitability to the market.

We encourage you to apply even if we don't have your desired space type available at this time. We will put you on the list for consideration when spaces become available! 

Our Promise: Handcrafted with Love

Every Her Love Collections candle is meticulously hand-poured with love and intention. We promise you an immersive sensory experience, a touch of elegance, and the transformative power of radiant moments.

Illuminate Your Space, Elevate Your Soul

Join us on this luminous journey where the glow of our Crystal Infusion Candles mirrors the radiant light within, and the essence of "I Am Love" becomes a guiding star on your spiritual odyssey.

With Light and Love,

Siedah, Her Love Collections 🌟🕯️