A lifestyle brand dedicated to producing quality products for mind, body and soul. Our products are handcrafted and hand poured. The crystals we use are each chosen for its unique properties, such as protection, manifestation of desires, enhance or balance energy flow, and enhance communication or psychic ability.

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Will the crystals burn in the candles?

No. Please refer to candle care 101 article for more details, here.

What payment methods are accepted?

I accept debit, credit cards, PayPal, Sho Pay.

How do I place an order?

Its very simple, browse our website for the products. Add the items to the cart and follow the steps at the checkout at www.herlove.co

Will this theme work with my apps?

Yes, Themes install to Shopify and render the content output from Shopify's servers. Apps connect to both Shopify and themes to output their own content.

I want to split my order up and ship to multiple people?

No problem. Please place your order and then email me with details at herlovecollections@gmail.com.

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