Give Back

As part of Her Love Collections commitment in taking care of you and our world, I'm are proud to announce that 5% of our sales are donated to...

Bilingual friends and family daycare Albany NY

A local home daycare provider who is dear to my heart, Bilingual Friends and Family Day Care in Albany, NY. Madelyn the owner goes above and beyond for the children and their families. She helps families find homes, furniture, food and assists parents with their care. I genuinely appreciate Madelyn as a daycare provider and a mother. She personally helped and support me and my daughter when she was a infant. 

Thank you Madelyn for using these contributions to better assist the families in Albany, NY. 

Our Promise: Handcrafted with Love

Every Her Love Collections candle is meticulously hand-poured with love and intention. We promise you an immersive sensory experience, a touch of elegance, and the transformative power of radiant moments.

Illuminate Your Space, Elevate Your Soul

Join us on this luminous journey where the glow of our Crystal Infusion Candles mirrors the radiant light within, and the essence of "I Am Love" becomes a guiding star on your spiritual odyssey.

With Light and Love,

Siedah, Her Love Collections 🌟🕯️