Partner Program

Hello love, 

Welcome to Her Love Collections Partner Program

Host your collection that benefits her mind, body, or home with us. You are guaranteed support and guidance as you embark on the ecommerce journey. 

Why join Etsy and be a small fish in a big pond?

Why not join Her Love Collections and shine bright with your unique brand. Less confusion on how to ship, how to market, how to upload products, how to manage your business, and more.

This partnership will help you scale your collection. 

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, Her Love Collections gives you the tools and resources you need. 

Step 1: Apply to join the Her Love Collections Partner program for a low monthly fee of $10. We respect of each partner and therefore, there are no competitive brands. 

Step 2: We will welcome you to the Her Love Collections hub and you will a sign partner policy contract.

Step 3: You will be granted access Her Love Collections Hub with other partners. A community where you will receive support and Shopify training. 

Step 4: (Optional) Access our design and marketing learning portal for one-time fee of $49. 

Confidently roll out your new collection and scale your business without a steep learning curve.


1. Customer service and professionalism 

2. Your customers must receive their item within 5-7 days of when order is placed. 

3. We currently only ship in the USA (due to COVID).

4. Non-competing brand amongst existing partners

Do you agree? Please apply here. 

Our Promise: Handcrafted with Love

Every Her Love Collections candle is meticulously hand-poured with love and intention. We promise you an immersive sensory experience, a touch of elegance, and the transformative power of radiant moments.

Illuminate Your Space, Elevate Your Soul

Join us on this luminous journey where the glow of our Crystal Infusion Candles mirrors the radiant light within, and the essence of "I Am Love" becomes a guiding star on your spiritual odyssey.

With Light and Love,

Siedah, Her Love Collections 🌟🕯️