Wholesale Catalog

We provide handcrafted soy wax candles, authentic crystals, fast shipping, and outstanding customer service. All candles for wholesale are hand-crafted in Albany, New York., made with 100% soy wax and fragrances infused with essential oils. A hidden gem and crystal candle is all trending on Instagram & TikTok and will appeal to all who are intro crystals. 

11-14 day turn around.



Gorgeous presentation of this candle. I loved the scent and the crystals and herbs that were combined to makes this candle. There was so much loving energy and care put into the product. It was lovely to receive and will make wonderful unique gifts. -Sammie D. 

Awesome Crystal Candles.This is such a great candle. I love how it shows
the colors of all Crystal Candles. It is burning great and I've noticed that whatever color it's on is the one I'm meant to work with at that time.
-Nolan M.

They work!! Love the candles from this seller all are beautiful and smell wonderful focus on your intention, and have fun 😉 Love and light to
all, Blessed Be! -Adolf W.



My Order Process  



1. Click "LET'S GET STARTED" and select which candles you would like. Send me a message and we will schedule a time to chat in person or on the phone.  

2. PROCESSING: Allow 11-14 days to make the candles.

3. SHIPPING: will be determined by you based on your preference. I'll deliver to your store if you are local. All wholesale orders shipped UPS or USPS. You will be emailed tracking information.

4. LABELS: You may choose to have a label designed by me, resell my candles with my labels or make your own labels. If you choose to do your own labels you will save $1 per candle off your shipping fee. 

5. COMMUNICATION: We will remain checking in through email or DM.  




Thank you